OKC Home Invasion Victim's Daughter-In-Law Admits To Involvement In Violent Crime

Wednesday, March 27th 2019, 5:36 pm
By: News 9

Police have arrested a third person in connection to a metro home invasion from last August. 

Officers arrested Phillip Scott, 34, at work on Tuesday for his alleged part in a home invasion where a 59-year-old man was severely beaten.  

According to court documents, the victim's daughter-in-law confessed from jail to also being part of the home invasion.

Natasha Burns, 36, told investigators that she drove the getaway van, while Scott and Wallace McGuire, 31, robbed and beat the victim.   

“I’ve suffered all the damages that she could inflict on me,” said Roy Phillips, home invasion victim.

Phillips said even though his daughter-in-law Burns did not physically hurt him, she drove two violent men to his home last August. He was on the sofa when police said Scott and McGuire broke into the Southeast Oklahoma City home through a side door.

“Next thing I know,” said Phillips. “I was hit, I couldn’t see anything there on.”

He knew where his gun was and tried to reach for it.

“I had both of them,” said Phillips. “One was kicking on me, the other one was trying to keep me from my firearm.”

The men ransacked the home and stole the victim’s gun, pain medication and two safes containing gun ammo, jewelry, money and tools.

Debbie Phillips was at work when the intruders attacked her husband.

“It looked like literally a tornado had been through here,” said Debbie Phillips.

She took her injured husband to the hospital that day and several more times for injuries stemming from the beatings.

“It took four trips to the emergency room,” said Phillips. “Four different days for them to find everything that was wrong.”  

They were not surprised to learn their daughter-in-law was involved.

“She knew where everything was,” said Phillips. “She had lived here off and on for the last 12 years.”

Court documents indicate Burns told investigators she acted with Scott and McGuire, and that they were the ones who entered the home and attacked the victim.

“They need to be put in prison,” said Phillips.

Police have recovered most of the stolen items. Some of the property was pawned and the remaining items were discovered during a search of a home where two of the suspects lived.