Oklahoma City Family’s Great Dane Attacks Home Intruder

Tuesday, January 14th 2020, 7:20 pm
By: News 9

A home intruder's actions bit him in the bottom, literally.

The burglary suspect did not get far from the scene in downtown Oklahoma City before officers found him. Police said Robert Ward, 30, was injured after the homeowner’s dog took a bite out of crime.


“Fortunately for us,” said Tracey McCoy, homeowner. “Dubai took care of business.”  

McCoy said her family, including their 122-pound Great Dane mix, is still on edge from an encounter on Monday with Ward. Home security cameras caught Ward walking through a side-door, in the middle of the day.

McCoy and her blind son were the only people home at the time. 

“It was in broad daylight,” said McCoy. “Just came in like he owned the place.” 

She said Ward quickly made friends with Dubai, even petting him. That is until the homeowner saw the man and said her instincts kicked in.

“I looked up and came face-to-face with a stranger,” said McCoy. “I screamed and the moment I screamed my dog responded.”

She said Dubai's normally calm demeanor quickly changed. Dubai bit the man on the bottom and pushed him towards the door. At one point the large dog went for the man's face.



“He is not a vicious dog, he’s very, very sweet,” said McCoy. “But the instant that I screamed, Dubai understood that that person was not welcome here.”

Ward quickly took off and the frightened homeowner called 911. McCoy got a good description of the suspect and said officers were not far from her downtown home.

“They were able to find him because I was able to tell them what direction he went,” said McCoy.

She is thankful the intruder was caught but said Dubai was the real hero.

“It was pretty remarkable,” said McCoy. “Now we know what he’ll do in times of crisis.”

Police said Ward was unarmed. He was arrested and booked into jail for first-degree burglary.