Animal Rescue Accepting T-Shirt Donations To Help Dogs With Special Needs

Monday, April 8th 2019, 8:01 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

A metro non-profit organization is asking the public for t-shirt donations. 

Mutt Misfits is a special needs animal rescue that takes in and cares for sick, injured and older animals.

Since the organization was established in 2017, it’s helped save the lives of over 300 animals.

The non-profit is currently working with approximately 100 foster homes. Many animals come from metro area shelters.

“Once you see the transition from where they came from in the shelter to where they can become as amazing family pets, it is such a rewarding experience,” said Founder and President of Mutt Misfits Heather Hernandez.

Donated food, kennels and wheelchairs have helped, but used t-shirts really seem to do the trick in the animals’ recovery. T-shirts help prevent animals from scratching.

“We see a lot of animals with broken legs or legs that unfortunately have to be amputated despite our best efforts,” said Hernandez. “In order to keep those incisions covered so they are not rolling around and injuring that incision, we have to keep them in little kids t-shirts.”

Once written off, these animals now live their second chance at life with a non-profit showing no signs of slowing down.

“Seeing even some of our animals thrive is worth all of the fight, heartbreak, and sadness because watching them go from point A to point B is just an incredible feeling,” said Hernandez.

Donations arrangements can be made through the Mutt Misfit's Facebook page.

The organization is always looking for a good home to serve as foster parents.