Edmond Mother Allegedly Killed By Her Father-In-Law In Sulphur

Monday, April 29th 2019, 6:09 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois


Police say an Edmond mother was shot and killed by her father-in-law in a Sulphur Walmart parking lot.

The call came in Sunday evening.


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Police say victim Jaclyn Chaney was shot several times by her husband’s father, Alan Chaney.

According to investigators, Jaclyn, from Edmond, was in Sulphur to exchange children with her husband, Mitchell Chaney, from Ardmore. Police say the couple were in the middle of divorce proceedings.

Sulphur City Manager Andy Freeman said Mitchell and the couple’s two children were in the store while Alan allegedly shot Jaclyn in front of witnesses.

“It's Walmart. There are a lot of people. They said there was quite a few standing around taking pictures,” Freeman said of the scene.

Sulphur Police are leading the investigation, with assistance from the Sulphur Fire Department, Murray County Sheriff, the OSBI and national park rangers.

Alan is now in the Murray County Jail under a first-degree murder complaint.

“With the police department he's been cooperative up to a point, until he retained a lawyer, so it's kind of at a standstill now,” Freeman said.

Freeman said Mitchell is a person of interest in the case, and has been detained for questioning, according to investigators.

Officers say the two children are safe tonight with another family member.