Surveillance Video Helps Catch Burglary Suspect In Edmond, Police Say

Tuesday, January 21st 2020, 5:54 pm

Surveillance footage, a strange coincidence and some concerned women lead to the arrest of a burglary suspect on Monday in Edmond.

The victim was the Nested Tours business on Broadway, where Micheal Green works as a videographer.

“Somebody broke into our office. He used tools to gain access to our door in a way that only someone with intimate knowledge of how a lock system works would be able to do,” Green said.

Surveillance footage captured the suspect breaking in.

Green said the man got away with more than $22,000 worth of gear.

“Without that technology, we can’t operate,” Green said of the business.

Edmond police responded, and familiarized officers with the suspect’s image.

Hours later, officers were called to an Edmond apartment complex.

“We were dispatched to a call which was for a suspicious subject. There was a man at an apartment complex following women around, is what we were told,” Edmond police spokeswoman Emily Ward said.

Responding officers quickly noticed the resemblance between the suspect at the apartment complex, and the man in the burglary surveillance video.

Nicholas Castleman was arrested for the burglary, and according to Green, all the stolen items were recovered.

“Police have told us continuously, probably 90% of the time, this is not the outcome,” Green said.

The Nested Tours employees were also shocked to learn the apartment where Castleman was arrested is right outside their window.

“I was really surprised to find out that literally looking out our front window, you could see where he was hiding out,” Green said.

According to Green, the company is now enhancing security measures.

Edmond police are still investigating after they also found electronics labeled as "property of Edmond Public Schools" on Castleman.

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