Brussels Makes Two Terror Attacks In 3 Years For Oklahoma Man

Friday, March 25th 2016, 5:31 pm
By: News 9, Lacie Lowry

Two Oklahoma City area men were in Brussels at the time of the deadly explosions. They were just north of the airport and one of them revealed this is not his first brush with a terrorist attack.

Tim Fischer and Chris White are with an Oklahoma City plastics company called KECO and were in Brussels for a trade show. Their 4-day convention was cut short when terrorists set off explosions 10 minutes away from them at the Brussels airport.

“We walked right by that Starbucks, right by that area and that's the exact place we were calling and waving to Jonathan to say, ‘Hey come pick us up,’” Fischer explained.

They say they were never in any danger where they were, but getting back to Oklahoma would be hard.

“I was happy that it was just Chris with me and not my wife and kids, and then I understood that we need to get out,” Fischer said.

White said all travel was shut down following the attacks and a Dutch friend drove the men to Amsterdam so they could get home.

“Your heart goes out to those that are affected really,” White told News 9. “It was just devastating to see the broken glass everywhere and people.”

Fischer was also in Boston for the Marathon bombings in 2013.

“I thought, ‘Well, why is this following me around,’” Fischer recalled.

He had already finished running in the marathon and was a block away when the blast went off at the finish line. Brussels made two terror attacks in three years for Fischer.

“From this far in the world to just an eyelash and it was just close enough,” Fischer said.

Both men said they will not stop traveling internationally.

“It feels like we are doing the right thing for Oklahoma, doing the right thing for America to be reaching out and trying to do international business,” White explained.

“What the terrorists want is for us to disrupt our lives and to be petrified and quit doing what we do and quit leading the lives we lead and I refuse to do that,” Fischer added.

Fischer has another trip to Brussels planned in the fall.