OGS Looks to Expand Earthquake Tracking With Limited Funds

Tuesday, May 2nd 2017, 5:26 pm
By: Grant Hermes

New numbers out from the Oklahoma Geological Survey show April 2017 saw half the number of 3.0 magnitude earthquakes as April 2016.

In one year, the number of earthquakes dropped from 60 to 29.

Oklahoma Geological Survey Director Dr. Jeremy Boak said an increase in seismographs would give researchers a better understanding of where the most seismic activity in the state occurs.

Which is why he hopes to expand the number of state owned seismographs from 24 to 60 in the next few years.

But lawmakers won’t be so eager to help pay for them.

“No,” Boak said to Radio Oklahoma Network. “I don't like to put pressure on them [lawmakers] because we feel like there is something where we need to build an alliance.”

Instead, OGS said they are looking for other solutions.

Either help from oil and gas leaders or from federal grants.

“That's the kind alliance we'd like to build. Find some federal channels, find some companies,”

The Department of Homeland Security said some of the nation's largest oil hubs in Oklahoma, including the Cushing oil hub, could be at risk if the shaking doesn't stop.

Right now, the oil hub in Cushing, OK is considered critical infrastructure and damage to it could be considered a matter of national security.