Scissortail Park Features Café & Other Food Options

Friday, September 13th 2019, 12:45 pm
By: News 9

One of the Scissortail Park features is the Spark Café which is set to open in the spring. The dining group Social Order has been working on the concept for a year and a half.

Brian Bogert, with the Social Order Restaurant Group, said, “[It’s] beautiful to be able to see it come to life, really getting in there and seeing how the flow is going to work.”

Bogert said Spark will offer burgers, fries, and shakes. Healthier options like salads, sandwiches and wraps will also be available.

“Bring your family, take food out onto the park, have a picnic, hang out on either of the two patios, we're going to have beer, wine, a frozen drink as well,” said Bogert.

Spark will be the only full-time restaurant at Scissortail Park but there are a few other food and drink options on the park grounds.

The boathouse, where people can buy tickets for the paddle boats, will also have covered outdoor seating where you can buy pre-packaged items and drinks. The play pavilion at the children's playground offers a covered picnic table area where you can buy drinks and snacks.

Torrey Butzer, with Butzer Architects & Urbanism, said, "Being a part of the team that hands over this park to the city is almost like delivering a bunch of flowers. It just seems like that would be a wonderful gift and we feel like it's a wonderful gift to hand to the citizens of Oklahoma City."

Torrey and her architect husband Hans designed the five buildings at the park.

She said, "We were also inspired by the landscape itself and how we chose the materials. They're kind of these muted browns and earthy tones and we felt like this is very reflective of what you see when you fly over Oklahoma or when you drive down the highway in Oklahoma so it feels very much like it's part of this place."

One of their favorite features is the giant lantern that welcomes park visitors at the north entrance.

Butzer said, "[It’s] like a campfire referencing a gathering spot where people came together at night and it was all lit up and it really symbolized working together in this brand new place."

The Social Order can't wait to get into its brand new place.

Bogert said, “We are just excited to get in there full time.”

They get the keys to the building this fall, then train and test food until the spring opening.