OU Students Upset About University Policy After Student Voiced Fears Of Being Deported

Monday, February 11th 2019, 6:44 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

OU international students are planning to rally Tuesday over a new university policy that they say puts them in danger of deportation.

The university recently started enforcing a policy mandating student financial accounts be current before they are allowed to enroll for next year.

The university is enforcing the policy for all students, but does seem to have a very serious impact for international students.

News 9 has been able to confirm one student who was in danger of having to leave the university, and thus, leave the country. She told News 9 a donor came forward to help her pay part of her bill and allow her to enroll. 

An OU spokesperson said the university decided to start enforcing the payment of student accounts for all students because of the large amount of unpaid debt.  The university said there were 12 international students who wouldn't have been allowed to enroll for next semester. 

“If you aren’t enrolled, your student visa gets cancelled,” said Tara Putri, the president of the international advisory committee.   

But the university said they only heard from one student where that was a possibility and that student is now enrolled for next semester.  

Aside from her, the university said the others were able to enroll, they no longer had contact with the University, had academic probation holds or filed for graduation.