New App Created To Help Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Businesses

Wednesday, May 1st 2019, 5:01 pm
By: Karl Torp

Oklahoma's medical marijuana industry is growing with businesses opening every day.

Zach Williams and Adam Belusko created the “Go Go Cannabiz” app to make the medical marijuana easier to navigate for businesses.

The idea is to create an online marketplace between businesses covering every aspect of Oklahoma’s medical marijuana world.

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“We definitely see a need and gap there for this place. A place that is safe and secure, vetted businesses to conduct those transactions,” says Go Go Cannabiz co-founder Zach Williams.

For example, if a dispensary needs to buy more product, it can use the app to find a grower or processor and place an order. The subscription service costs dispensaries $199 annually.

Growers, processors and any business selling to a dispensary, pay $79 per month to be listed on Go Go Cannabiz.

“There is no transaction fee, so they can do as many transactions as they want and not get charged,” adds Williams.

The app covers many aspects of the industry, offering information and several different services and brands.

“We know they need growers, we know they need processing companies. But we also know they need dispensary products, like glass cases and anything that goes into packaging,” says Belusko.

So far, Go Go Cannabiz is working with a half dozen businesses.

Williams and Belusko say the more people that subscribe to Go Go Cannabiz, the more efficient their business can run.

The business partners think the platform can one day be used in other states that are new to medical marijuana.