Mayor Holt announced that the practices within the metro would mirror the governor's wishes.

“Let me recap nine days in Oklahoma City that feel like a year,” said Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt. 

A plan mirroring the governor's means the closure of non-essential businesses including gyms, massage parlors and hair and nail salons.

“COVID-19 created this crisis, not us. Like it or not there is no safe harbor where COVID-19 spares us our economic toll. The only choice we have is how many people we let it kill along the way,” said Holt. 

Holt also assembled a group of health care professionals that will be reevaluating the city's state every 24 hours -- letting him know the next course of action.

“Keep in mind the most further steps will require your buy-in. In a free society, the reality is that only you can force yourself to shelter in place. I wield a pen not an army,” said Holt.  

In the meantime, he reminded Oklahoman's to be kind and to be hyper aware of the hard times already felt by many.

“Some are paying a much greater price simply because their chosen profession, through no fault of their own, became a threat to public health. Their sacrifice is literally saving their life,” said Holt. 

Non-essential businesses in the city will close Wednesday at 5:00 p.m.