Two Oklahoma doctors at Oral Surgery Specialists of Oklahoma are doing everything they can do to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Stopping the potential spread means asking patients to reschedule surgeries or appointments. 

Dr. Jeremy Goodson and Dr. Robert Bryan used to work closely. 

As soon as COVID-19 began spreading across the state, how they collaborated changed. 

Goodson and Bryan are social distancing while at the office as well as adding other precautions to stay safe. 

"We are taking temperatures, not only on our patients if they do come here, but we're actually taking temperature on each other as we're here throughout the day," Dr. Bryan said. 

Goodson and Bryan have also stopped performing elective surgeries to limit the spread. 

"In a moment like this, we have to look at our practice from a much broader view," Dr. Goodson said. "We really need to consider it from a perspective of public health. That's how we are looking at it." 

If there is an emergency, the surgeons will spring into action. 

"There are certain surgeries that we couldn't stop," Dr. Bryan said. "For example, a significant facial abcess that is causing an airway problem."

For patients without emergencies, many have had to reschedule. 

"It has been quite encouraging for us to speak with patients about this and get positive feedback from them and some sort of appreciation from them," Dr. Bryan said.