Governor Stitt says he is waiving the 1-week waiting period for unemployment benefits to be paid out to help Oklahomans impacted by recent business closures.

The Governor has also filed paperwork with FEMA to get federal funding for the COVID-19 response.

If approved, those funds could help provide emergency services like public health, property protection, and protection of lives for all 77 counties across Oklahoma. 

Aid from FEMA could also include emergency operational centers, reimbursement for national guard costs, and help with law enforcement across the state, at a 75 percent federal cost share.

The Governor is also spelling out his plan to help local businesses by requesting an economic disaster loan from the U.S. Small Business Administration. 

The state is waiting for approval, but if it goes through, businesses could apply for low interest disaster loans at

Already more than 2,600 small businesses across Oklahoma have reported economic impact on the states damage assessment website.