It was blow after blow Thursday at Tapwerks in Bricktown as big concerts and major sporting events became postponed or canceled all together.

Cancelations have become a common theme as COVID-19 spreads across the country.

“It’s difficult to do anything other than still attempt to operate the business,” said Garrett Sullivan, General Manager at Tapwerks Ale House & Café.

The COVID-19 chaos couldn't have come at a worse time. The month of March is crucial for many restaurants and businesses.

“If we don't have Thunder games and big time names coming through, a lot of these smaller family owned businesses without a lot of cash flow, they tend to not survive things like this in Bricktown,” said Sullivan.

One event still on is the Tapwerks Saint Patrick’s Day celebration Saturday. Attendance for the event is everything.

“We're big fans of traditions at Tapwerks and we've been doing this party and this block party on St. Patrick’s Day for a long time,” said Sullivan. “You've got to give people some sort of semblance of normalcy.”

The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber is watching the COVID-19 developments closely, already dealing with one event cancellation.

“We have a lot of events coming up, horse shows and other outdoor events,” said Michael Carrier, President of the Oklahoma Convention & Visitors Bureau. “There are events at the boathouse, things at the river (and) so far everything is still on schedule.”

For some businesses, hosting private events will get them through.

“People are still getting married, people are still having receptions and stuff like that,” said Sullivan. “We just kind of try to get it where we can and hope that we just get back to the way it was sooner rather than later.”

Management at Tapwerks said if you attend St. Patrick Day festivities, there will be plenty of hand sanitizer to go around along with a lot of hand washing.