Surveillance video captured a hooded vandal hurling large stones into the window of a Moore elementary school.

According to school officials it happened early Wednesday morning at Red Oak Elementary and happened once before back in September.


“It’s the same classroom, same school, but a few months apart,” said Moore Public Schools’ Director of Communications, Dawn Jones.

After the vandal struck in the early morning hours just months ago, video shows the suspect returning, committing the same crime.



“This was a type of landscaping stone thrown through the window,” said Jones.

The masked and hooded vandal is seen lobbing one stone after another all while knowing they were being watched.

“The suspect looked straight at the camera he had all of their face covered except for their eyes, they knew the camera was there, they knew,” said Jones.

The repeat offense left school officials confused and upset.

“Right now, we don’t know why. What are his or her motives?” said Jones, “It's just hurtful to come, to be ready to learn, to have a good day, and to be greeted with broken glass and vandalism.”

School officials hope someone knows something or the someone seen in the video. Until an arrest is made faculty and staff are offering a word of advice to the person targeting their school.

“Put your energy towards something more positive. We have enough negativity and hurt in our society it’s time we start lifting people up instead of finding ways to bring them down,” said Jones.

If you have any information about this crime contact Oklahoma City police.