I have to admit I'm somewhat torn on tonight's 2 Cents topic.

The FBI and Apple are in a standoff over two cell phones.

The phones belonged to a trainee at the Pensacola Naval Air Station from the Royal Saudi Air Force who opened fire killing 3 U.S. Sailors also training at the base.

Attorney General Barr said it was an act of terrorism, that the Saudi pilot posted jihadist rants on social media shortly before his 15-minute rampage.

The FBI wants to know who he was in contact with and if there are others they can track down through his phone information, that are bent on killing Americans.

But Apple has refused to unlock the shooters phones because they believe it would give the FBI the ability to counter their encryption and that could be used to crack other devices

While I appreciate Apple's interest in protecting my privacy, and their profit margin of course, I'm pretty sure protecting this dead Saudi terrorist's cell phone secrets is not the moral high ground.

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's My 2 Cents.