DENVER, Colorado - A suspect accused of murdering an Oklahoma City man in early September has been arrested by U.S. Marshals.

David Sisk, 33, was arrested at a Denver area McDonalds location Friday morning.

Sisk is accused of murdering John “JD” White, 33, in his Oklahoma City apartment near Southwest 23rd Street and Robinson Avenue on September 6.

“I was so happy that this person is going to face the consequences of his actions,” said Robbie Levine, a friend of White’s. “He thought he could get away with it, and I’m just happy that the law was able to get him.”

Court documents reveal White was found underneath a mattress that was intentionally set on fire. Investigators said they found signs of possible fight in the living room of White’s apartment, due to blood being on some furniture, walls and floor.

On September 9, a manager of the Oxford Inn at Northeast 51st Street and Lincoln Boulevard told police Sisk allegedly attempted to purchase a room with White’s ID and credit card.

The transaction was caught on security camera.

“If he was an innocent person, he wouldn't be on the run,” said Levine. “He would be saying, ‘Hey, this is where I was, this is what I was doing.’ He wouldn't be trying to get out of the state.”

After quitting his job and clearing out a storage unit, police believed Sisk may have been heading to California.

“Everyone was under the impression that he was going to California,” said Levine. “If you think about it, it’s not really in that route, so it was very surprising that that is where he was of all places.”

White’s vehicle, his dog named “Gizzy” and cellphone remain missing.

While police continue making progress, for friends and family, progress is proving not as easy. 

“I'm hoping that he gets punished to the highest degree of the law,” said Levine. “He took someone’s life. He doesn't deserve to live the rest of his life like a normal personal, because normal people don't kill people.”

Sisk has a lengthy criminal record dating back to 2007. He was booked into Denver County Jail.