OKLAHOMA CITY - The grand opening of Scissortail Park is just over two weeks away. Construction crews have been working long hours to get things prepared for the big day. 

But, with thousands of people expected to flood the park September 27, the Scissortail Park Foundation needs more volunteers to make sure things run smoothly.

“I know they are expecting 30,000 people on Friday night and thousands again on Saturday and Sunday,” said Susanne Dougherty, the volunteer manager for the Scissortail Park Foundation.

Right now, there are enough volunteers for Friday. But they are 160 volunteers short for Saturday and Sunday.

Each volunteer shift is four hours. And Dougherty said there is a job for everyone.

“We have information booths there they can give information to visitors, we have a game zone, a kids zone,” said Dougherty. “They can even help with the volunteer headquarters or the food trucks.”

There are some perks if you decided to sign up to help.

“You get a free t-shirt, acknowledgment, lots of snacks and we will be so appreciative of the time,” said Dougherty.

If you would like to sign up you can go to this link, https://scissortailpark.org/volunteers/.