OKLAHOMA CITY - The race is on to complete the upper part of Scissortail Park by the opening date of September 27, with a concert by Kings of Leon

Right now, there are 100 people working at the park each day. 

“They are still doing heavy construction on part of it, still installing trees, still putting in irrigation and grasses and plants,” said MAPS Project Manager David Todd.

Todd said 60 trees were just planted, and 60 more will go in the ground Wednesday, September 4.

Also, there’s sod that still needs to be rolled out.

“Ideally, you would finish the park and give it three months for the grass to take hold and shrubs to take hold. But we are opening the next day, so we are cutting it close,” added Todd.

The reason of the late rush -- the spring rainfall.

Crews lost part of April, almost all of May and part of June due to strong storms and rain. Crews can’t work after heavy rain.

Now, extra measures are being taken when planting trees in 90 plus degree heat. A special gel was put around the root ball of the trees to help them retain moisture.

Todd said on opening day there may be part of the park roped off, so people don’t walk on new plants and grasses.

For city leaders, it was important for the 40-acre upper section to be completed in the fall before it gets too cold outside to truly explore.

“It doesn't do it justice to walk around the edge and look at it. Wait until you walk through it, you'll see,” added Todd.