Alright, let's talk about MAPS 4. Oklahoma City voters will decide on the plans in December. 

Let’s go back to the intent of the original MAPS, and how it was designed to transform Oklahoma City into a place that people would like to move to.

I think of it in terms of my children and grandchildren wanting to stay here.

MAPS 1 and 3 were loaded with projects that have given us entertainment, sports and beautification projects.

Our city is thriving. Our downtown is booming!

Just drive through similar cities in our region, you won't see seven, eight, nine big construction cranes sticking up, like we have right now. Just one maybe two if they're lucky.

MAPS 4, MAPS for Neighborhoods as I've heard it called, has a lot of great projects in it, but only one small new project that might be built downtown -- the multi-purpose stadium, and it might be built in South Oklahoma City instead.

That would mean for the next eight years there would likely be no large public investment to keep the MAPS momentum going downtown.

Eight years.

That concerns me greatly and was why I pushed for a large stadium and festival center.

As our downtown goes, so goes the rest of the city.

I will vote “YES” for MAPS 4. It will make our city a better place to live. I just wish they hadn't taken their eye off downtown.

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's My 2 Cents.