OKLAHOMA CITY - A married couple is dead after what Oklahoma City police are calling a murder-suicide. 

Police were called to a home near the corner of Southeast 79th and Linda Lane just before 11 a.m. Tuesday, August 27.  Officers found the bodies of 62-year-old Michael Lisenberry and 56-year-old Bonny Thomas inside.

“The male inside the residence shot his wife then turned the gun on himself.  Obviously a very sad situation,” said MSgt. Gary Knight Oklahoma City Police.

Police said Lisenberry shot his wife and then turned the gun on himself. The couple was found by a family member.

“The 911 caller indicated that someone in the residence had shot another person and then shot themselves and sadly when officers arrived, that’s what it turned out to be,” said Knight.

Neighbors saw police at the home Tuesday and knew something was wrong.

“Lots of police cars. I imagine there were about five or six. Several of them. And a crime scene pickup pulled up. And a lady got out, so I knew there had been a crime,” said neighbor Gilbert Owens.

Owens said the pair mostly kept to themselves but seemed nice. “That’s when I would see them most generally is when they’re mowing the yard, or once in a while when I’d step out and mow my yard, they would wave at me.  You know, they were friendly.”

And Owens said, they never heard any fighting or arguing coming from the home. “Actually, good people as far as I could tell. I mean, I didn’t have any real problems with them.”

Online records show a man by the name of Michael Lisenberry was arrested back in 1997 for domestic assault. But there are no recent records.