Two suspects accused of breaking into numerous McClain County homes earlier this month are now behind bars. 

After surveillance video of the men was released last week, several calls were made to law enforcement identifying them.

“Without that video we probably would not have been able to catch up with these suspects,” McClain County Detective Robert Foust said.

The two men are behind bars facing numerous burglary complaints.

Foust said the suspects have roots in numerous Oklahoma counties.

“I had information about some hotels that the suspects frequented in the city, and I passed that information on,” Foust said.

Tuesday, Jimmy Stout and Danny Rogers were arrested in Oklahoma City for the McClain County burglaries.

The investigation continues.

“There are possibly some females involved. We unfortunately have not been able to decide or determine which one because there are several possibilities,” Foust said.

As for the guns and valuables stolen, Foust said they've only recovered some of the firearms and valuables taken from victims.