Oklahoma Animal Welfare workers found more than a dozen exotic birds living in deplorable conditions. Their owner is now charged with animal cruelty. 

Oklahoma City police said the birds were being kept in the garage of their owner's former home.

Body cameras captured the confrontation between homeowner Paul Fondren and animal control officers.

“I’ll tell you what, you can’t take the birds,” said Fondren.

“Actually sir, I can,” said the officer.

Animal welfare officers returned to the home after getting several complaints from neighbors.

Fondren: “They were out here a year ago and have been out here every other year.”

Animal Control Officer: “That’s the problem! Each time we’ve been out here.”

“You start getting close to the house and they start squawking,” said neighbor Elizabeth Vargas.   

When crews arrived and pulled back the garage doors, they found exotic birds with severe injuries, missing large amounts of feathers and malnourished.

Animal Control Officer: “They are locked up inside of a dark, nasty garage. No one would want to live there. The piles of feces, the fact that the floor has collapsed under the weight of feces underneath the cages.”

For nearly an hour, animal control officers tried to explain to Fondren that the conditions were unacceptable.

Animal Control Officer: “Can you smell that ammonia? Can you smell the ammonia?”

“If there is no water service at this house, it makes it unfit for human and animals.”                                

Despite his unwillingness to cooperate, Fondren was cited.

Animal Control Officer: “You’re not going to sign for the citations?”

Fondren: “No.”

While the birds remain in custody, they could be returned to their owner pending the outcome of the case.