NORMAN, Oklahoma - Lisa Pittman said it is a day that she will never forget. It was a normal day off for her, until she heard her dogs bark. She got up to check things out and when she walked into the living room, she came face to face with 18-year-old Brendon Duclose. 

“I said you are in the wrong house, I was very firm and direct with him,” said Pittman.

Frantically, she called 911 and tried to stay calm. While she was on the phone waiting for officials to arrive, she said Duclose was ransacking her house. But, things got worse when Pittman said Duclose put his hands on her.

“He grabbed my hand and started to pull the rings off of my hands,” said Pittman. “I said not, then he grabbed my arm and then he pushed me.”

Finally, after what felt like the longest 15 minutes of Pitman’s life, the police showed up and arrested Duclose.

In questioning later, officials said the teenager admitted to smoking marijuana laced with acid.

“I am really sad for that boy, I know he is 18, but I feel like he probably just made a mistake,” said Pittman.

Pittman hopes this is the only time Duclose does this. She fears if he was to do it again it could end much worse.

“He could’ve been killed,” said Pittman. “I have heard so many of my neighbors and friends say if he was in their house, they would’ve shot him.”

Pittman has also learned a lesson, to make sure her doors are always locked.

Duclose is facing charges for burglary and public intoxication.