NORMAN, Oklahoma - A Norman woman walked into her living room to see what her dogs were barking at, and found a man sitting on her loveseat. He then started ransacking the place. The woman tried to de-escalate the situation while talking to police. 

Neighbors said just minutes before, they saw the man running around the neighborhood and yelling.

“We heard the yell again, so we continued to watch, and he sat down in one of the yards and just sat there for about 30 seconds,” said Carol Harper. “And then, he walked down the middle of the street barefooted.”

When police arrived, they found the man, later identified as 18-year-old Brendon Duclose, still in the home and arrested him.

“There were three Norman police officers that had him handcuffed and were holding him on the ground, because I think he was trying to run away,” said Kevin Hochman, who lives across the street. “I was really curious because you don’t normally see that in this neighborhood.”

According to court documents, Duclose later told police he remembered nothing of the incident.

“They believe based on the fact that he was under some sort of narcotic drug, he didn’t even know what he was doing at the time of incident,” said Sarah Jensen with the Norman Police Department.

Duclose faces charges of burglary and public intoxication.