OKLAHOMA CITY - Charges have been filed against three teens accused of committing a string of crimes throughout the metro. One of the teens is also charged with a Bricktown shooting last month that injured a man. 

Police say the crime spree includes several drive-by shootings, a home invasion, and robbery.

911 Calls:

“I think there was shots fired over here at Harkins Theater.”

“Apply pressure to the wound.”

“There was just a shooting in Bricktown.”

According to court documents, the shooting in Bricktown on July 29 marked the first of many crimes that would follow allegedly fueled by rival gangs.

According to police, Michael Shaputis, 17, was connected to the shooting after he allegedly posted a video to social media "bragging about shooting the man in Bricktown."

A police affidavit states a group of five suspects, including Shaputis, later admitted to their involvement in four drive-by shootings.

On three separate occasions, one metro home was targeted.

“Sounded like Fourth of July going on,” said one resident.

One man, who didn't want to be identified, said his nephew lived at the house. He was recently arrested after, he said, he was found guilty by association, hanging out with suspected gang members.

“I told him and cried and pleaded, watch who you hang out with and go to work and take care of your family,” said the man.

He said on several occasions he ran off what he believed was bad company.

“Couple times I came over there and ran five or six of them off, I said this isn't a hang-out spot, this isn't a playground, this is my sister's house, you need to move around please,” said the man.               

It wasn’t until July 9, following a pursuit with police, that several arrests were made.

Three suspects including a 15 and 16-year-old are charged as youthful offenders.