OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City police are investigating a murder after a body was found behind a vacant house Saturday morning. And the story just keeps getting stranger. 

The body of 32-year-old Troy Noisey was found behind a vacant home on Southwest 34th Street around 8:30 Saturday morning. Neighbors said they body was found near the backyard shed.

Then, during the night on Monday, July 9 the house caught fire.

Neighbors said it’s become a flop house for the homeless.

“The owners of the property over here come in and kick them out. They usually come back. They lock the door and they come in and stay there. Sleep in there,” said Jose Chavez, who is remodeling the home next door.

The inside of the place is trashed, strewn with burned furniture and clothes. There’s what appears to be a bloody handprint near the back door.

Noisey’s cousin said the victim struggled with addiction but would have no reason to be at the vacant home.

“He’s a good dude. A real good dude. Real big heart and would help anybody. He’s gonna be missed. A lot,” said Phillip Noisey.

Noisey’s family wants the killer to be caught.

“I want them brought to justice. I mean, it’s just crazy. This is craziness over here,” Noisey said.

Neighbors said a lot of craziness. And they’re not surprised the vacant home is now a murder scene.

“I’m not surprised, because there were a lot of people in and out of there. So, you know it’s not very surprising,” said Chavez.