SHAWNEE, Oklahoma - The Pottawatomie County district attorney is calling his case against two men accused of severely beating two other men outside of a bar in Shawnee last month a slam dunk. The DA says he will prosecute this as a hate crime, and he has the video to prove it. 

Both suspects face assault and hate crime charges. One is also charged with falsifying evidence.

Shawnee police video shows suspect Brandon Killian punching himself in the face about 25 times, after telling police he was hurt defending himself. He apparently didn’t know police were videotaping him in an interrogation room. Killian also probably didn’t know he was being videotaped when he threw a sucker punch outside the Brick House Saloon. 

Police said Killian and his friend, Devan Johnson, tag team assaulted two men outside the bar, shouting racial slurs as they launched a vicious attack. 

“My belief is they were only an attempt to lure my client outside into a parking lot, so they could tag team him and beat the living crud out of him,” said Edward Maguire, an attorney for the victim’s family.

Killian faces up to 18 years in prison. Johnson could do up to 13 years.

The victim, Jarric Carolina, suffered severe brain injuries and has trouble remembering people and speaking. His family’s attorney said the misdemeanor hate crime charge isn’t enough; they want federal charges brought.

“We believe there may be other remedies at a level with the United States Government. We have yet to hear back from those, but we feel this statute is so woefully inadequate,” Maguire said.

District Attorney Allan Grubb agrees, Oklahoma’s hate crime law is weak. It carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison and an $1,000 fine.

“It really shocked me that in a state with so many minorities that we had not addressed this sooner, to follow kind of with the national model,” said DA Allan Grubb.

DA Grubb plans to lobby the legislature to make a hate crime in Oklahoma a felony.

“This type of crime, with it being so violent, it really should have more teeth than a normal crime,” said DA Grubb.