OKLAHOMA CITY - One of two men accused of beating a Shawnee man unconscious is back behind bars on an unrelated charge.  

Court documents show days after Brandon Killian and a friend were arrested in Shawnee, Killian was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail, where the victim's family hopes he'll remain.

It's been a week since Jarric Carolina was beaten and hospitalized. The family's attorney says since then, the family has anxiously been awaiting formal charges.

His client's beating was captured on camera.

“You look at the kicks, you look at the hits, you look at the high fives, and you hear things like, ‘you're dead and you're going to be dead.’ I think that speaks to their motivation,” said Attorney Edward C. Maguire.              

Since then, Maguire said Carolina spent several days hospitalized. He recently returned home where he continues to recover.

“He has trouble with basic functions, with learning how to walk again, trouble learning how to speak again, trouble recognizing family members,” said Maguire.

And while the victim's alleged attackers Devan Johnson and Brandon Killian were initially arrested on a complaint of aggravated assault, they were later released on bond.

“The problem the D.A. is having right now is how to categorize the brutality of the event, that's still up in the air,” said Maguire.

But after missing a court date, violating a previous 2018 arrest for possession of drugs and a stolen vehicle, Killian was arrested again.

Maguire said it's a matter of time before Johnson joins his friend back behind bars.

“It’s simply about making sure bad people are put in bad places, and that's where these folks need to be,” said Maguire.  

He said what unfolded in the bar parking lot was more than just your average bar fight.

“I hear the “N” word being used, I hear you're dead, I hear those kind of things and that enough if you're motivated by hate to harm someone, to intimidate someone, if hate is your objective that is a hate crime,” said Maguire. 

For that reason, Maguire hopes to see both men prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Killian is currently being held without bond.