Police have identified the woman killed in a deadly northeast Oklahoma City shooting.

Rebecca Roman, 32, was gunned down about 2:30 a.m. Wednesday in what witnesses said was a drive-by shooting.

Judging from the bullet holes in the home that she was shot in front of, a lot of rounds were fired.  News 9's crew counted more than a dozen, blasting holes in windows, the front door and walls. 

Roman stayed with a friend, Harold Ferslew, after she was released from jail in April. She was charged with stealing a car.

“A friend of mine introduced me to her and she said ‘I need kind of a place to stay. I’m kinda homeless.’ I said 'Where are you from?' She said LA.  I said ‘Tell you what, I’ve got a place you can stay, get your act together and I’ll get you a bus ticket and I’ll send you back home.’ So she said ‘OK,'” Ferslew said.

Ferslew said Roman was from Los Angeles and had family there. 

“She has two kids named Carla and Bella, and that’s all she talked about when she was with me. 'I wanna go back to my kids,'” Ferslew said.

But that never happened.

“So I told her on Tuesday, 'I’m going to take you to the bus station, I’m going to give you a ticket to LA, to your loved ones,' but she never called me and I found the bad news out Wednesday morning,” Ferslew said.

The bad news that Roman had been shot in the chest and died in the front yard of a northeast Oklahoma City home.

“Smart girl. (She) had a lot of potential. It’s sad that she had to be murdered like that,” Ferslew said, “She kinda runs with you know a bad crowd sometimes so she got involved with people she shouldn’t be around. If she would have just came and stayed here, she would be in LA with loved ones now.”

So far, police have not made any arrests in connection with the killing.