Norman police are investigating a brutal stabbing that left a man dead inside his apartment near the University of Oklahoma's campus. 

Allison Cometsevah, 30, was arrested Tuesday.

While police have not released the victim’s identity, his neighbors said they had seen Cometsevah before.

Witnesses said while the woman did not live in their apartment complex, Cometsevah had recently started hanging around the victim's unit and that management had run her off multiple times.

“It’s just crazy, it’s just right next door. I have two kids and he’s a nice man. It's just shocking,” said neighbor Taylor Toahty.

Toahty lives right across the breezeway from where his neighbor, a man he believes to be in his 40s, was brutally murdered.

“Me and my wife were in there laying down, next thing you know we heard some guy asking if anyone seen him, he seemed distraught,” said Toahty.

Toahty said the commotion got them out of their bed.

“We just happened to look out the peephole whatever, to see if there was anyone, and the landlord was freaking out,” said Toahty.

Minutes later, they learned their neighbor was dead.

“He was a peaceful, a peaceful man. I just remember him saying there's a lot of blood everywhere, and then the next thing you know, police showed up,” said Toahty.

“The male had visible wounds, knife wounds to his face, neck, torso and arms,” said Norman Police Spokesperson Sarah Jensen.

One of the victim's co-workers went to the apartment searching for him after he failed to show up for work.

Police were later contacted by Cometsevah. Investigators said she admitted to murdering the man. They're now working to determine why.

“We don’t believe this to be a domestic-related situation. We believe the two knew each other, but it was a short time they had been acquaintances,” said Jensen.

Cometsevah has been jailed on a first degree murder complaint.