GARVIN COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Garvin County police officer is breathing a sigh of relief after the man who allegedly assaulted him and totaled his patrol car is behind bars. 

Quinn Wykoff, 46, was pulled over by Paoli Police Officer Justin Hutchings early Saturday, June 22.

After handing over his ID, Officer Hutchings learned Wykoff had a warrant issued for his arrest for domestic assault and battery by strangulation.

“As soon as I told him, he swung and connected with the side of my head and jumped back in to his truck,” said Hutchings. “That’s when it started.”

Immediately, Hutchings went after the suspect, when the unexpected happened.

“He locked up his brakes, put it in reverse and crashed right into the front of my Tahoe with that 5500 Dodge Ram pickup,” said Hutchings. “He had a solid steel bed.” 

The Tahoe sits totaled at the department, unable to move.

Since the encounter, Hutchings worked for days with multiple departments to track Wykoff down.

“We ended up southwest of Elmore city,” said Hutchings. “There was a lot of land and trailer houses he was hiding in, he was actually found out back one of the trailer houses hiding in the grass.”

Hutchings escorted Wykoff to Garvin County Jail, where he faces felony charges of assault and battery on police and assault with a dangerous weapon. A judge set bond at $100,000.

Paoli police are content Wykoff is now off the streets.

“Even in these small communities, there are still things that can happen,” said Hutchings. “It does happen quick.”

The Paoli Police Department is now left with one less K-9 unit, and getting it replaced may be a challenge. The department is meeting with insurance officials to determine what is next.