GARVIN COUNTY, Oklahoma - The Garvin County Sheriff’s Office says the man who punched a Paoli assistant police chief and rammed his patrol car has been taken into custody. 

The sheriff’s office says Quinn Wykoff surrendered peacefully Tuesday evening and is being transported to jail.

Wykoff went on the run following a traffic stop Saturday, June 22 in Paoli, Oklahoma. When an officer ran Wykoff’s license, it showed he was wanted on a warrant out of Garvin County.

Wykoff was seen on body camera footage resisting arrest and turning to punch the officer before fleeing the scene in his truck.

The Garvin County Sheriff’s Office says the Paoli Police Department, Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and the Elmore City Police Department all assisted in Wycoff’s arrest Tuesday.

The sheriff’s office says additional charges will be filed against Wykoff.

The investigation is ongoing.