YUKON, Oklahoma - Good news for drivers in Yukon. Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) officials say Highway 4 is scheduled reopen Wednesday, June 12.

Floodwaters nearly washed out a portion of the road near E. Wagner Road last week. 

Crews worked all weekend long on the stretch of road to make Wednesday’s reopening a possibility. Pavement will be put down Tuesday.

Nearby neighbor Luke Rollins is surprised by the turnaround.

“That is good news for the community and for people that commute back and forth up that road on a daily basis,” said Rollins. “I hope it is not a Band-Aid, I hope it is a permanent fix, but my concern is that it's a Band-Aid.”

Rollins had problems of his own as floodwaters made his driveway impassable.

“It happened so fast, but I am not surprised because it doesn’t matter how large the rain is, we have not had the ability in this county to get rid of the water at any level,” said Rollins. “That is the problem, water has nowhere to go.”

Rollins and other neighbors agree something needs to be done about the amount of water near Highway 4.

“At the end of the day, it is a known problem and we keep putting a Band-Aid on the problem, but we never fix the problem,” said Rollins.

ODOT officials say reconstruction of Highway 4, that would widen the road, is scheduled for 2020.