NORMAN, Oklahoma - The search for a new University of Oklahoma president is underway. 

Jim Gallogly only took office in July 2018, but says a false public narrative is undermining his decisions at the university. He announced his retirement Sunday, May 12, 2019.

Meanwhile, the university is still sifting through findings of a private law firm, Jones-Day, involving the alleged sexual misconduct of former President David Boren and former top official Tripp Hall.

Some fear with Gallogly gone, the findings of the investigation won't be publicly released.

“Based on his pragmatic attitude, and the way he approached university policy, I think it's very likely that he did want to make it public, just to cancel out all of these conspiracy notions that have come up so far in the investigation,” said Levi Hilliard.

Earlier this year, Hilliard accused Trip Hall of making repeated sexual advances towards him. He said, he works at the University Club, known on campus as an upscale restaurant, frequented by OU elite, including Hall.

 Between 2017 and 2018 Hilliard said Hall grabbed his nipples, groped him and kissed him on the neck.

He believes Boren needs to be held accountable by whoever takes Gallogly's place in the investigation.

“People in these positions of power don't get a free pass,” Hilliard said.

According to the OU Board of Regents’ handbooks, the regents will form a committee to choose the next president. It says in part, "It is recommended that the presidential search committees shall have representation by faculty, student(s), and staff."

Gallogly's retirement date has not been officially set.

In a statement released to the university, Gallogly said in part, "...I have advised our Board of Regents of my plans to retire once they have a transition plan in place."

Gallogly also says he won't be serving in the investigation going forward.

“Gallogly cannot be the punching bag for this anymore. So, the Board of Regents is going to have to start answering questions,” said Hilliard.

Hillard said more victims have come forward, as OSBI continues its investigation. He encourages them to share their story.

Hillard said this is the second-time he has been sexually assaulted. He said he was 9, at the time of his first attack.

“I was raped by an older boy, that was one of my sister's friend's. I did not tell anyone until I was a freshman in college. My mom was the first person I told,” Hilliard said.

He adds, he reported that assault too late, and another victim was targeted. Hilliard said this time, he wasn’t going to let this go unreported.

“That's why I can't live with the notion that David Boren, and Tripp Hall may get away with this,” he said.