OKLAHOMA COUNTY - Spring has arrived in central Oklahoma, and that means severe weather.

Storms developed along a dryline Saturday afternoon, dropping up to 2-inch hail and bringing rotation that never quite turned into a tornado. Storm Trackers Val & Amy Castor did spot a funnel at Bryant Avenue and Memorial Road around 5 p.m.

News 9 also got reports of windows blown out in the area of Northwest 122nd Street and MacArthur Boulevard. News 9 meteorologist Justin Rudicel reported earlier in the afternoon that the tornado threat was low, but not zero.


Viewers sent us lots of photos and videos throughout the afternoon and evening. The video at the top of the page is from Ron Drake, whose back porch was absolutely pummeled by hail near 15th and Interstate 35 in Edmond.

News 9 viewer Tanner Parton shot this video from his backyard in Edmond, where hail rained down upon his swimming pool.

Barry Burris shot this hail video from 178th Street and Penn Avenue.

And viewer Jason Easter shot this awesome timelapse video just north of Quail Springs Mall late Saturday afternoon.

As for Sunday's weather, News 9's Justin Rudicel said he isn't expecting storms and is, in fact, expecting more sunshine.

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