OKLAHOMA CITY - A suspect is in custody after a bizarre police chase in Oklahoma City Tuesday afternoon.

Police in Amarillo, Texas tipped off local authorities that Dennis Rae was possibly in Oklahoma City.

Authorities said Rae stole a Chevy 3500 pickup truck that was enabled with GPS tracking.

Texas officers also said that Rae was possibly armed and had threatened law enforcement in the past.

“Officers were able to locate a vehicle they thought could be the stolen vehicle near 23rd and North Meridian,” said Oklahoma City Police Lt. Isaac Goodman.

Out of caution, the officers monitored the truck from afar.

Authorities said it was initially difficult to verify if they had the right truck.

Within moments, the suspect got in the Chevy and drove off around 2 p.m.

Chase speeds remained slow, but the pursuit lasted just short of 20 minutes.

Eventually, police successfully deployed stop sticks and Rae was forced to pull over.

The pursuit ended in the Advantage Battery parking lot near Melrose Lane and North Rockwell Avenue.

“He almost hit one of our employees that was in the parking lot,” said Tyler Pratt, a witness. “It was pretty tense whenever he came to a stop. They all exited their vehicles and had their guns drawn on him.”

Police said Rae told them that he was having a medical emergency, but officers don’t believe that’s the case.

“He pretended that he was having some kind of medical episode and did not want to communicate with us once he was in custody,” said Goodman.

No guns were found in the truck.

Rae is in the Oklahoma County Jail on 8 complaints; aggravated attempting to elude a police officer, aggravated eluding a police officer, eluding a police officer, endangering others while eluding police officers, possession of marijuana, receiving, possessing, concealing, selling, and disposing of a stolen vehicle, unauthorized use of a vehicle, unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Court records show he also has an extensive history of crime in Tulsa County.