YUKON, Oklahoma - After months of being on the run, 23-year-old Adrian Vargas has been extradited back to Oklahoma.

The suspect was found in late February near the Mexico border in the town of Del Rio, according to investigators.

Police said in October Vargas assaulted and kidnapped his ex-girlfriend, while also being chased by Yukon officers.

The alleged 19-year-old victim, Alyssa Ruffalo, said she broke-up with Vargas weeks before the attack.

She reported his behavior as erratic and stated that he was becoming more aggressive.

Ruffalo said that Vargas would sometimes randomly appear at her home.

She said in mid-October, he broke in while she was sleeping on the couch.

“He left, and I called my mom, and I called police,” said Ruffalo.

The family said they then called Vargas’ probation officer.

Records state Vargas was already serving probation for a 2017 domestic violence with strangulation charge.

Ruffalo’s mother said tensions continued to build.

“He told her that if anyone interfered with his probation that he would kill them,” said Ruffalo’s mother.

On October 25th, Ruffalo said she was attacked outside of her home by Vargas.

“He just started beating my face in brutally,” said Ruffalo. “I was losing vision, and that's when he stopped, and he started dragging me down the steps down the street.”

She said she was screaming for help, but no one came.

A neighbor did call 911.


Caller: This guy started beating the hell out of this lady. There is blood all over my sidewalk.


Officers said they tracked down the suspect’s pickup truck a short time later.

Chase speeds reached over 100 miles per hour, according to police.

Another 911 caller reached out to dispatch.


“Caller: They have almost hit about three cars.”


Ruffalo said that Vargas continued to threaten her during the chase.

She said she repeatedly tried to stop the vehicle.

When that didn’t work, she said she decided to take her chances.

Ruffalo said that’s when she jumped.

“He started telling me in the truck how he is going to take me to kill me and get rid of my body,” said Ruffalo. “There were police lights behind us. I figured if I don't jump out, he is going to kill me.”

One officer stopped to help her.

Police said the other cruisers continued to chase Vargas.

He pulled down a rural road in Canadian County and bailed from the truck, according to investigators.

“Oklahoma City helicopter, K-9. He has a pretty good jump on police officers and ends up getting away,” said Yukon Police Lt. Curtis Lemmings.

Officers said they continued to search for evidence and followed Vargas’ trail.

Yukon Police received information that their suspect took a bus and fled to Mexico.

He reportedly had family that lived across the border.

Four months later police said Vargas tried to re-enter the U.S. illegally.

He is a U.S. citizen, but appeared to be avoiding official border crossings, according to Texas reports.

Police said US Marshals also helped locate the suspect, as well as authorities in Mexico.

Vargas appeared in a Canadian County courtroom Monday morning.

He is charged with four felony charges and was denied bond.

Ruffalo’s family said they are grateful.

They said if Vargas is released, they are worried he will try and find them.

Ruffalo said she is plagued by hypotheticals and haunted by the past.

“I could look at my porch and get a whole flashback of the incident, and just lose it and cry,” she said.

The family said they are in the process of filing a protective order.

If he is found guilty and receives the maximum sentence, Vargas could spend the rest of his life in prison.