EDMOND, Oklahoma - An Edmond couple, allegedly murdered by their son, was laid to rest. 

Michael and Rachel Walker’s funeral was held on Tuesday at LifeChurch in Northwest Oklahoma City one day after Elijah Walker, 19, was charged for their deaths.

For the first time since the tragic deaths, the couple's children and relatives faced the media.

“We hold tight to the legacy of love that Michael and Rachel left behind,” said Maya Walker, victim’s sister. “And hope to honor their memory for all the days of our lives.”

 The only person not in attendance at the funeral was their son Elijah. He is in the Oklahoma County jail, charged for his parent's deaths.

Elijah told Edmond police last week he got into an argument with his parents about satanism before the deadly shootings. Walker admitted to shooting his parents multiple times inside their home.

Police have recovered the gun he used along with other weapons and homemade explosives.

Walker's family pleaded for the public to see beyond the mugshot and gruesome details. They said he has suffered from severe mental illness for years.

“All of us in hindsight are realizing the pieces of that,” said Maya Walker. “We’re putting together now what we didn’t recognize. I’m hoping this helps you to start recognizing if you see any of this in your family to keep this from happening to you.”   

Walker's attorney Derek Chance said that an initial assessment of the teen indicated he is acutely paranoid and delusional. A tragic reality for his grieving family.

“We hope and pray for the best possible outcome for this tragedy,” said Walker. “And for Eli, my nephew, to get the best care possible.”

Walker is expected to be arraigned on two murder charges sometime this week.