OKLAHOMA COUNTY - A new project by the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office is taking the public behind the scenes of life as a deputy.

The “On The Road” web series on Facebook will give viewers a firsthand look at their duties, with hopes to bridge the gap between the community and the law.

The series aims to show the daily operations of the department through the deputies’ own eyes. The first episodes focus on the judicial team, as they serve warrants, eviction notices and protective orders.

“What I hope is that the community can look at this and say, ‘OK, so that’s how it works. This is how the process is,’" Oklahoma County sheriff's spokesman Mark Opgrande said.

While the assignments may sound run-of-the-mill, hundreds of times a month these deputies are interacting with citizens during hard times, like custody battles over children.

“That can be hard on deputies sometimes,” Opgrande said, “because one of the worst things you can do is you’re separating family members.”

Former Logan County Sheriff Jim Bauman retired from his post in 2016, but rejoined the force as an Oklahoma County deputy, which he admits is a lot less stressful. Still, he said the job can be tough emotionally.

“I pray a lot,” he said. “I go to church and I talk to other people about it.”

Bauman’s old department is also working on a web series right now to highlight the happenings up north.

Bauman said he is glad the public gets a chance to hear from the deputies in their community and see them striving to keep the peace.

“We’re not cold-hearted people,” he said. “Every one of the guys that I work with have a big heart, and it affects them too.”

The series will run throughout the summer, showcasing deputies working the jail, courthouse, patrol duties and more. The first episode will be posted on Monday on the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.