LOGAN COUNTY, Oklahoma - Logan County Sheriff's deputies cover hundreds of square miles. Now, though a new video series on social media, you can go along with them. The sheriff's office started posting the videos on Facebook to show an unscripted, raw look at what happens on the night patrol.

“We get all the big city crimes and then some,” said Logan County Sheriff Damon Devereax.

When the clock strikes midnight, the Logan County night patrol begins its shift.

“There's some nights that they may have a few calls and other nights they're running from call to call,” Sheriff Devereax said.

Calls the sheriff's office has started documenting on video in a new series called Night Patrol. Maurice Williams is the one behind the camera.

“I get a firsthand view, a literal firsthand view that these guys are putting their lives in danger because a call you think is simple and easy might turn into a very bad situation,” Williams said.

Maurice got the idea of highlighting the night patrol after riding along with his twin brother, Lt. Marcus Williams, for some brother bonding time.

“Law enforcement is not just about carrying guns and badges and throwing people in jail they are actually out there wanting to serve and do what they can to make people's lives better,” he said.

From homicides and robberies to DUI's and even cow herding, deputies cover 750 square miles in Logan County.

“Those are the guys that are out there while you're sleeping that are trying to keep it safe for you,” Sheriff Devereax said.

And now, thanks to Maurice and his camera, you can ride along with them after he posts the videos to Facebook

“We reach a lot of people via social media, we believe that's the biggest avenue right now for us to put things out for people to see that we want them to see,” Sheriff Devereax said. “It helps educate the public, let's them know, see firsthand the deputies in the job that they do without putting an individual in harm's way.”

The sheriff’s office has other social media campaigns planned to include the next video series highlighting the day patrol.