OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City’s City Hall anxiously awaits the future of one of its council members.

John Pettis turned himself in on felony charges of embezzlement Tuesday.

Prosecutors say he illegally took tens of thousands of dollars from charities he founded.

John Pettis was not at Tuesday morning’s city council meeting, instead he was leaving jail downtown after turning himself in to police.

If Pettis resigns, OKC City Council has a decision to make.

“Within 30 days they have to choose someone who will represent Ward 7,” said OKC Spokeswoman Kristy Yager.

A special election to fill Pettis' seat would be held August 28, with a possible run-off in November. The cost of the special election in Ward 7 would be around $52,000.

If OKC City Council feels Councilman Pettis should be gone now and a resignation still hasn't come, it has moves to make.

“The city charter says if a council person misses five meetings in a row without an excuse, then the council can choose to remove that person,” said Yager.

Councilman Pettis serves on several city committees and is almost never absent from meetings, according to attendance records.