EL RENO, Oklahoma - A handful of school districts across Oklahoma have announced an intention to return to class, whether it be Thursday or at the start of next week.

One school district in the metro, El Reno Public Schools, posted the announcement on its Facebook page:

El Reno teachers have agreed to suspend the teacher walkout at the end of the day on Friday, April 13th. Our teachers have reached a temporary conclusion to their effort to gain funding at this time. Due to conflicting information and complete mistrust of our elected officials they feel they need to remain at the Capitol through Friday.

School will be back in session beginning Monday, April 16th. Our staff and faculty have appreciated the patience and support shown to them by our parents and patrons as they advocated for the children of this school district.

Beginning Monday, small groups of local educators from each school in our district will continue to go the Capitol to make sure their collective voices are heard by their elected representatives. They will do this without the interruption to the school calendar.

Our teachers ask that parents and patrons continue to advocate for education and education funding by continuing to contact our local representatives and by remaining active during the coming election cycle.

Craig McVay, Superintendent
El Reno Public Schools

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