OKLAHOMA CITY - The state is one week away from a possible teacher walkout. 

The Oklahoma Education Association announced on Friday a plan that they say will fund teacher pay raises and prevent a walkout.

This plan is a collection of old ideas from plans that have failed in the past, pulled together into this one $905 million plan.

It includes an increase in the gasoline and tobacco taxes, an alcohol tax, changes in income tax deductions, and an increase in the tax on oil and natural gas production called gross production tax from 2 percent to 5 percent. 

The OEA says that would pay for $6,000 raises for teachers this year, plus raises for support staff and state workers.

"If we pass this pay package that was presented by OEA, you're going to look at 75 percent of the general revenue going to education so that's going to be a question

Time is definitely ticking for lawmakers. 

They will only be working a three-day workweek this week due to the Easter holiday, so they have from now until Wednesday to come up with an agreement in order to prevent the teacher walkout from happening on April 2.