OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro apartment complex is holding a former tenant responsible for damages incurred in a violent attack.

The victim was raped and beaten, and her husband was shot five times. Now, the victim says the apartment refuses to return her deposit.

“They tell me there's a bullet hole in the wall, a hole in the ceiling from the detectives trying to find a bullet and they tell me we're taking that from your deposit.”

The unidentified victim says following the attack, Lakeside Village Apartments showed no care or compassion to her or her family.

“When the detective showed up I know the manager of the complex told them this is bad publicity.”

Too shaken to return home, and with just two months left on her lease, the victim asked the manager to let her out.

After several phone calls, text messages, and an eviction notice that was later retracted the victim says the apartment finally complied.

“They put an eviction on the door and the next day she said we're going to let you out of your lease.”

However, she says they're refusing to provide her anything in writing or her deposit. Management has told her she's responsible for the damage.

The victim says Lakeside Village Apartments has cut off all communication, refusing to take her phone calls and have stopped replying to her texts. She's even resorted to hand written letters pleading for her $300 deposit to help her move.

"It just hurt my feelings, because I've been loyal for two years. I pay my rent on time.”

News 9 reached out to Lakeside Village Apartments hoping to speak with management. Our phone calls have gone unanswered.