OKLAHOMA CITY - The victim of an alleged violent home invasion and rape last month is speaking out as new information surrounding the case comes to light.

We know that police had stopped Donnyll Dailey for a traffic violation less than 24 hours after the attack in Oklahoma City, but he was released, because police had not yet developed him as a suspect. 

The victim told News 9 she'll never forget the images of her attackers. Police developed sketches after she was able to give them a detailed description. 

She said while Dailey was beating and raping her, Estevon Martin had her husband in another room and was beating him, and then she heard gunshots. 

She said in shock and after the two men ran out, she was able to rush her husband to the hospital. 

He was shot five times, and is now at home recovering. 

Dailey and Martin are both behind bars. The U.S. Marshals tracked Dailey all the way to North Carolina where he's been hiding out. He's still there and will return to court Tuesday to learn whether or not he'll be extradited back to Oklahoma.