DEER CREEK, Oklahoma - Two workers at the Deer Creek Waste Water Treatment Facility found a fetus around 10:00 a.m. among a pile of other debris.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office said it appears the age range is between the second or third trimester. Adding, whoever disposed of the body, did so within the past 72 hours.

“He was able to see it. This is called a catch basin, this is an area that sewage water comes in, all of the debris gets collected, it goes to a different area. When they were cleaning out some of this debris, they noticed what they could tell at that time looked like a fetus,” said Mark Opgrande, a public information officer at the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

The challenge for this case is tracking down who's responsible.

Waste water filters into this plant from all parts of Northwest Oklahoma County, meaning the fetus body could come from any neighboring properties.

Opgrande said various boundary lines stretch from close to Piedmont, south towards Hefner Road, and as far east as Pennsylvania Avenue.  

The two workers who found the body called for law enforcement immediately.

The city issued this statement. 

"Two contract employees with the Oklahoma City Utilities Department discovered human remains at city's Deer Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility on Friday, March 16. They immediately called local law enforcement, who came to the scene to investigate. The employees have been questioned by investigators, and been offered counseling services. 

We're unaware of any previous incidents of this kind at any Oklahoma City wastewater treatment plant. 

Wastewater treatment facilities treat sewage discarded by residences and businesses.

Our thoughts are heavy today regarding this tragic discovery." 

Investigators are hopefully someone will come forward with answers.

“Could be a miscarriage, could have been a premature birth,” said Opgrande. “We know there is an individual out there who had this child, who had this baby, this fetus. We would think maybe they would have gone to a clinic to get help.”

Oklahoma City Officials say they are unaware of any previous incidents of this kind at any of the city’s four plants.

Opgrande says there are a number of ways the body ended up here.

“It had to go through the sewer system, so it possibly could have gone through a drainage area, or people could think it came from a toilet. That's always a possibility,” said Opgrande.

The gender and exact age have not been released in regards to the body.

Updates will continue to come from the Oklahoma Medical Examiner's Office in the coming days.