LOGAN COUNTY, Oklahoma - The Logan County Sheriff’s Office is often the first on scene during a medical call. This includes drug overdoses, something deputies have seen grow over the years. The Sheriff’s Office is now trying to combat the opioid epidemic by supplying Narcan as a tool for every deputy.

It’s been less than two months since deputies started carrying Narcan, but the drug has already been used on a prescription overdose incident.

Whether it’s an accidental overdose or substance abuse, Narcan can reverse an opioid-class drug within minutes.

“Within about six to eight minutes,” said Dr. Bill Worden, "the brain, with lack of oxygen, can die." He knows a few minutes can make all the difference in saving someone’s life. He is an emergency physician and a Logan County Reserve Deputy Sheriff. Dr. Worden has seen overdoses in the field and at the hospital.

“It gives somebody a second chance,” he said of Narcan.

Not only is this a tool for patients, but it is also a safety feature for law enforcement.

“It could be used on an officer,” said Dr. Worden. "It can also be used on K9’s if a dog is doing a search and accidentally sniffs a powdered drug. Dogs can succumb to opioids as well and this medication could be used to wake up a K9."

The Logan County Sheriff’s Office receives the Narcan through a grant by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse. They want anyone with an opioid problem to text NALOXONE to 55155 for help or visit TakeAsPrescribed.org.