DEL CITY, Oklahoma - Del City police are investigating a deadly home invasion.

Officers were called the home in the 3100 block of Neighbors Lane at 12:30 a.m. on Friday, January 12.

A man across the street called 911 after a woman from the home ran to him for help.

“She said that her friend was shot as she opened the door and they believed she was dead,” said Lonnie White neighbor. “They shot her in the face point blank range.”

Police said the suspects Darious Jackson, 22, and his brother Sharonne Jackson, 29, had planned to rob the women.

“They went in there looking for money,” said Major Ted Kleber, Del City Police Department. “Obviously knew these girls had some.”

Major Kleber said a man in the bedroom, Vincent Alexander, pulled a gun out from under his pillow and fired at both suspects. Meanwhile, a woman and child hid from the gunfire in a closet.

“Both suspects were shot,” said Kleber. “One of the suspects fled the scene and we later fund him at a hospital.”

Police said Alexander also went on the run. Detectives want to interview him for several reasons.

“Number one, he was involved in the shooting,” said Kleber. “He shot back. He is a convicted felon, number two. And he took the weapon with him so we need to recover the weapon and also we need his side of the story.”

The neighbor across the street thinks Alexander saved the other woman and child by shooting at the suspects.

“Being across the street,” said White. “And talking to them, they came here I believe to kill everybody in the home.”

Police said the suspect who is still in the hospital just got out of prison in December.