CLEVELAND COUNTY, Oklahoma - Wednesday, a judge sentenced former Noble day care worker Melissa Clark to the life with the possibility of parole. This comes two years since a baby died under her care.

Clark was found guilty of first-degree murder – child abuse in October.

In July 2016, Clark was babysitting 5-month-old Braelyn Zachary and other children in her home. Braelyn was reported unresponsive and was eventually transported to a Tulsa hospital where she died.

According to court documents, Clark admitted to dropping Braelyn and throwing her at a bouncy seat when she was “stressed”. It was determined that Braelyn died of blunt force trauma.

Wednesday, her parents asked the judge to give Clark the maximum sentence while her attorney asked for a lesser term.

The judge made the decision of life with the possibility of parole and indicated that Clark has 10 days to appeal the sentence.

“I am. I am okay. Um, she’s got a lot of time to think about what she’s done. She’s broken our family apart. So, she’s got time to think about,” said Braelyn’s mother, Chasity Zachary.